Welcome to Carlsborg, Washington!

Trees lining Carlsborg

Warehouse Offices

Waiting Renovation

Welcome to Carlsborg, Washington – a rural community located just west of Sequim, Washington on the North Olympic Peninsula.

Old Carlsborg Post Office

The Old Carlsborg Post Office, which currently houses Sequim Village Glass.

Carlsborg has been in a state of change over the past few years.  Originally, this community was geared toward a truly rural lifestyle, with logging and small farms dotting the landscape.  Over the recent few years, however, warehouses and other commercial buildings have moved into the area, and the county has determined that the area should be a designated “urban growth area” under the State’s Growth Management Act.

Carlsborg Post Office

Carlsborg Post Office

The challenge lies in the infrastructure: before a town can grow, it must have available sewer and water – and the residents of the area, who have, all along, wanted the community to remain rural, are frustrated with the possibility of huge fees that will be required of the residents and businesses to build water lines and sewer.

Carlsborg is currently a mixed town – with subdivisions, rural acreage, commercial and warehouse areas, and small businesses dotting the landscape.  From the small, friendly post office, to the one restaurant – from the short block of small businesses to the business center, the town will eventually grow, once the infrastructure is in place.  Stay tuned, as we bring you news about various businesses and housing opportunities.

We will be following the process as this small town changes over time.